Me & Everything / The impressive front and main entrance side of the basilica Rotunda (church) in Mosta, Malta

Mosta – Malta’s underrated Insider Tipp

There are two reason why tourists come through Mosta during their stay in Malta:

They take the buses that go between Circewwa and Valletta and just pass through.

Or they do the same thing, but get off the bus in order to visit the famous church Rotunda – and then get on the bus again to drive off.

Mosta is definitely not known to be one of Malta’s highlights. My quite comprehensive travel guide mentions only the Rotunda. To keep it real: No one-week-tourist will ever waste time to visit this small town off the beaten path.

It would have been the same for me, if it hadn’t been for the co-working place 230Works. Searching for a place where I could work on my blog and do some personal administrative stuff, I stumbled over this great place.

That’s why my first reason to go to Mosta is

230Works: the best co-working space in Malta

Why do I not work from home? Well, I do. But it is annoying. I don’t have a proper desk, so I have to sit in the dining room. That means the TV is always running, because my flatmates are watching it when they are at home. The internet connection is poor, and the concentration level low.

Researching co-working spaces online, I quickly found 230Works. It is conventiently located in Mosta and can therefore easily be reached by bus from all the major towns in Malta.

I love this place! The first time I was here I spent three full hours writing – and got as much done as never before. The area is quiet but comfortable, the desks spacious and the atmosphere friendly. Water and coffee come for free while you are working her. The wireless internet is super speedy, printing is cheap and scanning free. And if you just need to get something done quickly, simply make your friends wait in the café area. They can enjoy a sandwich and a coffee while you deal with your stuff.

Sitting here right now, I just had a nice chat with manager Ian. He plans to do aperitivos on Wednesdays and Fridays. Free flow Aperol Spritz‘ for the people working here.
Hey Ian, can I just move in? 😉

230Works is open from Monday until Saturday. That’s my only small point of critizism: Some open hours on Sunday would be great as that’s my only day off.
(But honestly: I could live without.)

PS: Ian invited me to an Aperol Spritz, and it was one of the best Spritz‘ I had so far in Malta!

The Rotunda

The Basilica of the Assumption of our Lady, also known as the Rotunda, is one of the most beautiful churches on the island of Malta. Most people see it at least from the outside – when passing by in the car or on the bus or from far away, as the dome is quite an eyecatcher even from afar.

The most impressive and famous feature of the Rotunda is its dome roof which is the third largest unsupported dome roof in the world. It is also the place where a miracle took place:
During World War II three bombs hit the dome: Two bounced off, the third fell right through the roof into the church but did not explode, leaving 300 people unharmed.

Fill up your energy levels at Cake Box

Diagonally opposite of the Rotunda entrance you will quickly spot a very modern-looking café called Cake Box. If you’re lucky you can get one of the rare tables outside, but to be honest: During a normal Maltese summer, you will probably prefer the AC-cooled inside anyway.

Let’s keep it short: The prices of the coffees are reasonable, the coffee is great and the small tartes are delicious. Place your order at the counter and choose a table where you can enjoy your well-earned treats. With their good wireless internet connection it also makes a nice café to work or simply get that Instagram picture of the Rotunda on its way.

Try the Nutella Tarte! It’s a chocolate overkill, but hey – when has that ever been a problem?

Cheap and Tasty Lunch at LA Tartine

You want a quick lunch or snack break with the most amazing view of the Rotunda? Well, just cross the street and grab one of the outside tables at La Tartine.

This little restaurant sounds French but is Libanese – giving you all those yummie Middle East food options. I had the Falafel (mezze size), and they were not only richly garnished but also cheap and filling. And good. Of course 😉

Head inside to place your order and have a glimpse at the sandwiches and the sweets and desserts as well. They look simply mouthwatering. And when you are ready to leave you will be full, satisfied and energized for your sightseeing trips.

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