Me & Everything / the best icecreams in Malta: Sottozero in Bugibba

There’s always room for ice cream!

I am the „OMG I am so full, I cannot eat a single bite more… Yes please, I’d like dessert“ type of woman. There has hardly been any time in my life when I really couldn’t get that piece of chocolate cake down anymore.

Things are even easier when it comes to ice cream. There is ALWAYS room for ice cream. Maybe it is because ice cream is a liquid when melted, and you can also always drink water, right? 😉 It just smoothes its way down into the stomach pretending to be a drink, and there you go – it’s done.

When it comes to ice cream, I am a little picky. Not everyone will just do. Those days have passed with my childhood and rarely come back when having a food binge.
Nowadays I prefer the super creamy Italian style ice cream. Not too overly sweet please, and full of natural flavours, freshly made every day.

So when you have a look at the map, Malta is super close to Sicily, and therefore I expected some really great ice cream shops.
And I found them. You can still see them on my hips, I fear, but they were just so worth it.

My „home town“ Mellieha is unfortunately not one of the places where you find great ice cream. Although, that is probably a good thing. Calories olé!

Amorino, The prettiest Ice Cream Cone ever

With a look on my blog and my Instagram account, you might have noticed that I adore Valletta, the capital of Malta. I go there quite often, at least every two weeks if not even weekly, and so Amorino was the first ice cream shop I tried here in Malta.

Conveniently located on Valletta’s main street, Republic Street, that runs straight down from the main gate, this shop is far from being an insider tipp. It is very small and tight, and on weekends in the high season people queue forever to get hold of one of these super pretty Instagram-perfect ice cream cones in the shape of a flower, topped with a delicious macaron.

Me & Everything / The best ice cream shops in Malta: Amorino in Valletta makes flower-shaped ice cream

To be honest: This cone will not come easy. It takes them a while to shape the flower, so even a short queue is quite a wait. The price is very high (the „Signature“ in regular size being € 7,50). And forget the idea of you and your friends having a picture together with the cone – the first when will be dripping when the second one is finished.

BUT – the taste and the consistence are amazing. And that macaron – mhmmm! I really dislike „normal“ macarons, but these are filled with ice cream as well.
Get the pistacchio macaron, and do not skip the falvour „Inimitabile“! It is unpronounceable, but I just say: chocolate and hazelnuts!

By the way, they also sell ice cream burgers and Belgian waffles with ice cream. And – if you want to save that money for the next ice cream store – ordinary cups come at a normal price.

Busy Bee

As a normal Malta tourist, you do not just stumble over Busy Bee. It is located in Msida, and most of you will probably pass it or drive through it on the way to Valletta. It has a very beautiful yacht port, but still, you usually wouldn’t get off your bus.

I definitely wouldn’t have. I just got off my bus for Busy Bee, one of the famous cafés in Malta, located in the street that runs along the harbour.
Just before you get there, stop at their outlet – the Busy Bee Gelateria.

What can I say: Their ice cream is simply amazing. Not too sweet, very creamy, very rich and packed with flavours you love.
I even got very adventurous (which is not typical for me when it comes to ice cream flavours) and picked „Riccotta and Figs“. It did not go perfectly with my second (and very usual) pick of Bacio, but Oh, was it delicious!

They also offer homemade ice cream bars, waffles and cannoli filled with ice cream and other delicious frozen treats.

Unfortunately, only when I walked out with my cup I noticed that you can have a cannoli-cone instead of the regular one! Heaven help me! I have to go back there to have one!


I heard of Sottozero before. And then my colleague Ross came to me and said, that a friend told him that Sottozero supposedly had the best ice cream on the island of Malta.

Well, that is a bold statement and had to be out to the test. So I jumped on a bus to the heart of Bugibba.

Sottozero is conveniently located just around the corner of Bugibba Square which, to be honest, is the only place where things happen in this area. The store is spacious and the choice of ice cream flavours huge. That is something that always puts me in trouble and makes me end up with the all-time favourites (so everything like chocolate, cookies, nuts).

They also provide lots of tables and chairs where you can sit down to enjoy your cone or cup, altough I preferred to walk back to Bugibba Square and watch the people passing by while indulging in my hiugh-calorie-treat.

Me & Everything / the best icecreams in Malta: Sottozero in Bugibba

I admit, I do NOT go along with Ross‘ friends opinion. Yes, this is a formidable and very creamy ice cream choice, but it couldn’t match with my absolute favorite, the one-and-only:

La Brioscia – My personal Favourite

La Brioscia is probably not the ice cream shop you would stumble upon. Although conventiently located right next to the bus terminal in Rabat at the entrance to Mdina, everyone keeps streaming into the former capital of Malta (which you definitely should do aswell, Mdina is absolutely stunning).

However, when it comes to ice cream, go to La Brioscia either before or after your Mdina visit (or in between, who cares). This ice cream just blew my mind.

There’s nothing fancy about it. The ice cream does not come flower-shaped or somehow differently super-fancy. It is normal-priced, the selection is good but not amazing and their tables and chairs are always packed, to you’ll probably have to sit down at the parking lot opposite of it.

But oh my, is it delicious! The perfect amount of sweetness, rich flavours, a creamy texture… simply amazing.
I’ve had it twice to far, and it has not been beaten since.
And to speak the truth – I am off work today, and I would totally jump on a 1,5 hour bus ride, just to have another cone.


RivaReno is a truly Italian ice cream producer with shops all over the world. And I mean all over the world: Milano, Rome, St. Julians, Sydney, Palma de Mallorca, even Bali!

Me & Everything / Nice burgers, breakfast,restaurants, bars and icecream in St. Julians, Malta

Let’s be honest – you cannot be that successful with shitty ice cream. So yes, the ice cream at RivaReno in St. Julians was very delicious and conventiently located right opposite of Spinola Gardens. It is St. Julians and packed, so forget about catching a table and just head to a park bench there.

Their choice of flavours is great, and you can also choose between a variety of delicious-looking cones, waffles or milkshakes.
The only reason why it is not my favourite is, that it was a tick too sweet for me.

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