Me & Everything / Stop the bashing of Greta Thunberg now. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Stop Bashing Greta Thunberg now

To be honest – I am not a political person. In fact, I am very happy that so many people on this world are doing everything for me. I do not want to protest, I absolutely hate being at or close to demonstrations – I am simply lazy.

I do have an opinion on things though. If you ask my friends they’ll probably tell you, that I have a LOT of opinions. And when the #fridaysforfuture movement started with Greta Thunberg as its figurehead, I was more than excited. As much as I do not want to go there in person, I am a full and excited supporter from afar.

I thought it even better that it was not a politician or well-known activist who was the brain behind it. No, it was a young girl. A Swedish teenager, 16 years old. On the first glance a normal person without any special attributes that predestined her for becoming an activist superstar.

I do not believe that it was anything special about her that made her world-famous. She simply was at the right time in the right place and said what so many of us slowly start to understand. An innocent girl who ignited a spark that extended into an inferno.

Wow. I was – and I am still – stunned by her strong mind, her determination and her persistence.
And I am thankful that this young girl does my job. Does OUR job.
Everything seemed to run perfectly. And then, in a moment, the mood changed.

Me & Everything / Stop the bashing of Greta Thunberg now. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Why do people on Social Media go off on an innOcent girl?

I understand that her media presence was overwhelming. Greta was everywhere. On the title of every newspaper and magazine, on all social media channels, on the radio and on TV. Without a break. And yes, I get it that maybe sometimes it can be tiring to see the same face over and over again. To hear the same paroles. To get the UGLY TRUTH rubbed in your face every day, throwing you out of your comfort zone and forcing you to admit your own guilt to yourself.

I am not an exeption. Yes, it is ugly and uncomfortable. But that does not make any of Greta’s demands less important and none of her accusations less true.

And It got ugly

Just to give you a couple of examples what people wrote under an article of the Austrian newspaper „Die Presse“ on Facebook:

The article was titled: Greta Thunberg does not want to waste time by meeting Donald Trump
(translated into English)

And here are some of the comments that were posted below:
(translated into English)

What academic qualifications does Ms. Thunberg have That qualify her for this?

How does the royal suite of Greta travel?

Yeah, we are living in a time in which an autist with delayed development tells us our mistakes. (…)

That girl should go back to school and study.

What does the school ditching girl from a rich home thinks who she is?

Now listen to my opinion, all you bashers

You disgust me.

It is as plain as that.

You are either too stupid or uneducated to understand, that Greta is a symbol. Nothing more, nothing less. A symbol for our longing for change. We are slowly understanding that we cannot live like we do any longer and that things have to be set right. She is the face and the voice of a movement that should have started a long time ago.

Her taking a boat to the USA? That is something which we call PR. Public relations. A method to get the necessary media attention. A sign that we have options. It does NOT mean anything else. And it will not bother you in any way or have an influence on your life if you do not want it.

She is not your enemy. If you choose to ignore this movement then just go on living in your little dull world. Nobody cares. But do that in silence and spare the public the small minded outpourings of yours.
That would already be a great contribution to the Fridays for Future movement and to a cleaner environment.

Thank you, Greta!

Thank you for your persistence.

For your strength of will and mind.

For your truth.

For the fact that you manage to keep your head up high and ignore the haters.

For making me believe that one single person can change the world.

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