Me & Everything / Remote work afternoon in Debbie's Cafe in Mellieha, Malta

A cappuccino, my laptop and I

And so it begins, this journey of Me & Everything and, well… me.

Right now, I feel like opening a beautiful new notebook. Like holding a pen in my hand and filling that first blank page. It is intimidating, I have to admit. No other blogposts to hide behind, and a whole new audience judging and deciding whether they like it or not.

I am sitting in a lovely café in Mellieha, Malta. A really good cappuccino is right here next to my laptop, accompanied by a guilty please zucchini cake that is so worth the extra calories. My ears are filled with easy going background music and the chatter of a couple of people enjoying the A/C-cooled air. A lovely place to work, and one where I will spend a lot of time with my writing.

Side note: If you are looking for a great place for remote work, head to Debbie’s Café in Mellieha. Everything great from internet connection, comfort, location and power plugs for the laptop.

Behind me lies a busy week at the dive center. Today I took two people I did a Try-Dive with this week to an additional dive at our main dive site Circewwa. We had a very relaxing dip, and they were super happy and excited. What a lovely start into this weekend.
Right now, I feel this enjoyable kind of fatigue that comes out of an exhausting but great work lying behind me. The relaxed atmosphere of Debbie’s Café has settled in my heart and their zucchini cake in my stomach, leaving me totally content, chilled and easy going.

And isn’t that how we should all feel on a sunny weekend afternoon? When have you felt like that last time? Can you remember?

I have so many years behind me when I was unhappy with my job. I was always waiting. Waiting for the lunch break, waiting for the end of that work day, waiting for the weekend, waiting for my next vacation.
I don’t feel like I have wasted those years. I have learned so much – professionally and about myself.
Still – make sure your life isn’t about waiting. No life is every perfect, but we can still try to get as close to it as possible.

Go out and drink that cocktail, kiss that man and enjoy that day. That’s what life is about in the end, right?

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