Me & Everything / Eggs Benedict and a berry smoothie at U Bistrot in St. Julians, Malta

Eateries in St. Julians

St. Julians in Malta is one of THE Maltese towns that people choose for their vacation. You want to have a big choice of restaurants, pubs and bars? Head to St. Julians. You love when a lot of things are going on? Head to St. Julians. You’re a teenager looking for a language trip? Head to St. Julians.

St. Julians has a lovely and a very annoying side to it. In the high season in the later hours it is packed with partying teenagers and people on vacation going out for dinner and a drink. Avoid it on Friday and Saturday evenings if you can.
However, as someone who lives in Mellieha where everything closes down at latest 10 p.m., it is so nice to see a place with life still buzzing in the evening. Although I have to admit at the same time that, depending on where you are, that buzz can be very much over the top.

An absolute pro to St. Julians is the choice of restaurants and bars that you get there. If you’re over 25, stay away from Paceville where the teenage partying is going on. Prefer the nice areas further to the South, Spinola Bay and Balluta Bay. You will find restaurants, bars, pubs and little shops.

Let me present you my discoveries to give you a littlebit of a guideline where to go when you visit this bustling Maltese town.

Badass burgers

I really love that name. I have to admit, I would have gone there only for that wonderful name.
Badass Burgers has two outlets in St. Julians, one is at Spinola Bay, the other one at Balluta Bay, the second one having a terrace to sit outdoors.

If you look at their menu that you can find on the website, it is simply mouthwatering. We had onion rings and jalapeño cheese poppers as starters. They were great and we loved them, altough they were served just on plain white plates without any nice presentation and they seemed to be pre-made freezer food. But still very good!

Me & Everything / Burgers and fries at Badass Burgers in St. Julians, Malta

As mains we had thrice „The Daddy“. The name speaks for itself. I liked it although the whole thing could have been much better seasoned. One of my friends ate „The Forester“, and he really enjoyed it.
Absolutely no complaints about the sweet potato fries though! The sides are free with the burger and come in a big portion. Loved it! There can never be enough sweet potato fries for me. They go very well with the sour cream dip and the green mole sauce, but for those two you will have to pay extra.

U Bistrot

I had an extra day off this week and searched my way through the internet to find a nice breakfast spot. I found it: the U Bistrot in Balluta Bay, St. Julians.

I love a good breakfast! There’s hardly anything better than spoiling yourself on a free day with a breakfast treat you don’t want to cook yourself.

U Bistrot doesn’t open until 10 a.m. which also gives you the possibility to sleep in, isn’t that the perfect combination. However, I got there even before 10 because I read in the reviews that it tends to be pretty packed.
Well, it wasn’t, no need to stress out.

Me & Everything / Eggs Benedict and a berry smoothie at U Bistrot in St. Julians, Malta

They have very nice tables outside where you can enjoy the sun and the view of the bay. Unfortunately a street is passing right in front of the terrace, so it can be noisy, but it did not bother me too much.

I had the Eggs Bénédict with smoked salmon and a really tasty berry smoothie. Just wow! I loooved it. Basically there’s not much more to say. Go there, you will not regret it. I haven’t yet had a chance to try the lunch or dinner options, but I will, the menu looks very appealing.
My bank account is very happy that St. Julians is quite a bit away from Mellieha. I would leave a lot of money there.

Rivareno Gelato

Summer is icecream time. There’s just no way around it. And Malta is really close to Italy which has very positive effects on the quality of the icecream and the Aperol Spritzes!

Me & Everything / Nice burgers, breakfast,restaurants, bars and icecream in St. Julians, Malta

You will find a RivaReno Gelato closeby Balluta Bay and the other one right at the center of craziness in Paceville. It is all homemade. Have your scoops in a cup, a cone or maybe on a waffle or in a crêpe. Too many great choices!
I had Gianduia, Dark Chocolate and Mandorla Siciliana. The chocolate scoop was a littlebit too intense to be perfect, but the Gianduia was really nice. It might be a littlebit too sweet, but that really depends on the size of your sweet tooth.
But I will not nag. Great icecream. Simple as that.

Crust Bakery – Bar – Bistro

You can google yourself crazy over breakfast hotspots in Malta. There’s no way to avoid St. Julians when it comes to a great variety of hipster cafés and bistros with a mouthwatering breakfast menu.

Me & Everything / Eateries and restaurants in St. Julians, breakfast at Crust Bakery, Bar, Bistro, Interior, Dining Room

So I ended up taking the bus early to sit down at one of the comfy tables at Crust. This restaurant has a beautiful terrace overlooking Spinola Bay, but honestly, it is just too hot right now (mid August). I enjoy every A/C I can get.

Let’s make it short: I LOVE this place. The menu is to die for, the interior offers a lot of seating from sofas to classic dinner tables and the waiters are very friendly.
I tried to get something different than Eggs Bénédict. But then my table neighbour had them served, and they looked so good.
Well, oldie but goldie. Eggs Bénédict with avocado cream and bacon. Heavenly. Great coffee aswell. I’ll be back – for the avocado smash on sourdough bread. Or for the porridge with nuts, raisins and fresh fruit. Or for the pancakes…

Manouche Craft Bakery & Bistro

Yes, last Sunday I couldn’t get enough. I had such a hard time in the morning to decide where I would head for breakfast, and even with Crust winning, I needed to see Manouche.

Great decision. Although their breakfast menu is also simply amazing, I was too full to have another one. But I was able to manage a second cappuccino and a pain au chocolat – still warm out of the oven, OMG! My dive instructor colleague Thibault, himself a French from the Bretagne, who I immediately sent a picture to, criticized that original pain au chocolats do not come with icing sugar. Well, ok. For me it was perfect.

Me & Everything / Eateries and restaurants St. Julians, Malta. A cappuccino, a pain au chocolat and my laptop at Manouche

Manouche also makes a great place for remote working! I was able to get two blogposts done there.

Me & Everything / Eateries and restaurants St. Julians, Malta. Cake display at Manouche bistrot and bakery

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